Reduce Mowing Time up to 40% with the Toro­® Timemaster™



Ask most people and they will tell you they would prefer to spend less time mowing and more time doing the things they love or just avoiding the summer heat.  Most walk behind mowers used on residential lawns today will be in the 21-22” cutting width range.  Based on discussions with homeowners, most are spending 45 minutes to 1.5 hours mowing
their lawn, 1 to 2 times per week, depending on the time of year.  In the past, reducing the time spent mowing meant purchasing a rider or an expensive commercial mower in order to increase the width of the deck.

int1671_wpm_20975_storage_1Many homeowners don’t want to make the move to a rider because of the increased storage space, higher cost of purchase and/or the loss of exercise they enjoy while mowing the lawn.  Bloomington, MN based Toro®, the leading provider of mowing equipment for Professional Sports Fields, Commercial Mowing applications along with Residential mowing equipment utilized their 100+ years of production experience to develop a solution.

co16_3532s_wpm_21200_34l_2kIn 2012, Toro® introduced the 30” Timemaster™ to help reduce mowing time by up to 40% over 21-22” models.  They did this while maintaining a fantastic cut quality and preserving features like the Personal Pace™ drive system that varies its speed to the pace the operator chooses to walk automatically.  This twin blade mower includes a bag with a folding handle system to reduce storage space.  Knowing that many homeowners don’t want to pull start their mower, Toro® also offers an electric start model to make things really easy.

co16_3551s_wpm_timemaster_day2-9622We have had outstanding feedback from our customers on the Timemaster™ since it’s introduction.  However, one area that some customers requested improvement was more power.  Well, for 2017, Toro has enhanced the Timemaster with a larger Briggs & Stratton engine to help power through those tougher mowing conditions.  With this change, Toro­® has a great promotion going on prior units with model numbers 20199 and 20200 while they last or through April 30th, 2017.  Don’t forget to ask about the optional striping kit that can really enhance the look of your lawn.

Toro Timemaster Promotion.jpeg

The popularity of this mower with both our residential and light commercial mowing customers has been incredible.  If you are looking to upgrade your walk behind mower this year or would like to reduce your mowing time, you owe it to yourself to stop in and evaluate the Timemaster™ from Toro® at Nord Outdoor Power.  Just to recap a few of the great features to look for:

  • 30″ cutting width helps you get done up to 40% faster as compared with standard walk behind mower sizes.
  • 2 blade design to enhance mulching and cut quality
  • Blade-brake allows engine to continue running when the safety bail is released.  This really makes it nice if you stop to pick something up so you don’t have to restart the mower.
  • Standard recoil start or an option electric start
  • Striping kit available to help you take your lawn the the next level in visual aesthetics.
  • Handle bar has quick adjustment to allow for different operator preference or to stand upright and reduce space required for storage between uses.
  • Personal Pace­™ – the incredible drive system from Toro® that adjusts to your speed automatically.  No more dealing with gears that never seem to offer the right speed.

co16_3532s_wpm_21200_engine_2kWant to try out a Timeaster?  Stop by during our Open House coming up on Friday, March 31st through Sunday, April 2nd at 1716 E Hamilton Rd in Bloomington and take one for a spin.  Our store is just West of State Farm Corporate South near Alexander Lumber.  You can also find out more about us and the products we carry at  We look forward serving you.

Smokin Brothers Barn-B-Que in very Limited Orange & Black

We are VERY excited to bring this limited production run of orange & black Barn-B-Que’s from Smokin  Brothers to the store.  Smokin Brothers Grills are manufactured right here in America by craftsman in Missouri.  20160819_141608As a family owned company like Nord Outdoor Power, Smokin Brothers goes the extra mile to take care of their customers and be there to answer questions.

Ryan, one of the Smokin Brothers, recently contacted us and said he was going to be doing a single orange & black Barn-B-Que and wondered if we might be interested in getting one.  As one of their 20160819_143442original dealers and given the fact that the colors would match our company colors along with those of Kubota, Stihl, Echo and other great brands, we said no.  No, we don’t want just one, we want 4 of them for the Christmas Season.  Luckily, Ryan agreed to go ahead and get them manufactured. Continue reading Smokin Brothers Barn-B-Que in very Limited Orange & Black

Kubota Brawler® Solidflex Skid Steer Tires – Now at Nord Outdoor Power


We are proud to introduce Brawler® Solidflex tires from Kubota at Nord Outdoor Power.  With the introduction of the new line of SSV skid steer loaders from Kubota, offering these incredible solid tires as an option really makes sense for many applications.  The Brawler is a solid rubber tire, bonded to a steel wheel and not a pneumatic tire.  Some of the benefits include:

  • With a solid tire, there are no flats; therefore no flat repair costs and the associated downtime.
  • Reduced downtime results in increased productivity
  • Lower cost per hour – Customers report they are getting a minimum of 3 times longer wear than bias ply pneumatic or foam filled tires; while some users have indicated they are getting up to 5 times additional life.
  • Bent wheels are no longer an issue – Damaged wheel rims can become a frequent and costly problem when using regular pneumatic skid steer tires in heavy-duty service operations.  A bent wheel can cause the pneumatic tire to go flat.  When this happens you have to replace the wheel.  Bent wheels with Brawler Solidflex tires are unlikely to occur.

20161129_142105Because most skid steer loaders use an 8 bolt pattern in 1 of 2 different sizes, you will find we can put these tires on most machines from manufacturers like Kubota, Bobcat, Cat, Case, New Holland, John Deere, Mustang, Gehl, JCB, Volvo and more.  Some of the top applications include construction, agriculture and rental.

Livestock operations – especially dairy farms where a customer is working in free stall barns on concrete – are experiencing accelerated tread wear with pneumatic tires.  In addition, they may be hitting the curbs which is breaking beads from the rims resulting in flat tires and therefore downtime.

Recycling, demolition, steel and glass manufacturing along with waste management environments can cause severe cuts and abrasion to pneumatic tires while the Brawler Solidflex tires will reduce downtime.


Another area where these tires outperform the competition is ride quality.  Brawlers have elliptical apertures or openings which provide 37% more deflection compared to other solid rubber tires.  It actually rides equivalent to a foam filled pneumatic tire.

You can checkout more about the Brawler tires in the following document:  Kubota Brawler® Tire Flyer. Regardless if you are looking for a new Kubota skid steer loader or a set of Brawler® tires, give us a call at 309-663-5151  complete the form below.  We look forward to serving you.


Kubota SSV Skid Steer Loaders In-Stock

We are really excited to announce that Nord Outdoor Power in Bloomington is now stocking the incredible Kubota SSV line of skid steer loaders.  These include the SSV75 and SSV65 models.  Designed with industry leading features and built with legendary Kubota quality.

We believe these new units offer you incredible value with features the others just don’t have.  If your in the market for a new skid steer, you really need to stop by and these incredible units for yourself.

A few of the great features include:

You can find more details on each of these items at going to

Baxter & Henry checking on the new SSV’s


All NEW Echo CS-490 Chainsaw 1st Look

With the recent ice storm taking out many trees, I had the opportunity to test the all new Echo CS-490 chainsaw.  Echo indicates on their website this saw is  “A new standard for mid range saws with ergonomic features at a great price point.  16″, 18″ and 20″ bar lengths.”  The following are some features this saw includes:snapseed-05(2).jpeg

  • 50.2 cc professional grade 2-cycle engine
  • Chrome plated cylinder for extended engine life
  • Reduced effort starter
  • Heavy duty easy access air filter
  • G-Force engine air Pre-Cleaner™
  • Dual post chain brake for increased durability.
  • Magnesium crankcase for reduced weight and added durability
  • 5 year consumer, 2 year commercial and 90 day rental warranty.

Prior to putting this unit into service, I took a look and found some things I really liked.  This saw includes a rim sprocket that can be changed instead of the spur style that requires replacement of the whole clutch drum when wear occurs.  This can result in savings of 50% or more when this common wear item needs replacing.



Another great feature that is found on most premium grade saws today is the ability to adjust the chain tension from the side.  This feature is a huge benefit to the operator by making this routine task much easier to perform compared to adjusters located just in front and to the left of the bar.  You will also find the on/off switch and choke control convenient and easy to use.  Checking the air filter and accessing the spark plug was a quick and easy process that only required turning a black knob by hand until the cover was released.



I put this chainsaw into action trimming limbs and bucking the large pines into manageable pieces.  The power head is driving a .325 pitch, .050 gauge full chisel chain.  This unit was equipped with a 18″ bar and provided no shortage of power.  This saw was REALLY smooth to cut with.  The engine produced a great powerband and I had minimal vibration affecting our hands.


Echo lists the weight of the power head at 10.6 pounds with the bar and chain.  Having worked with many of the bigger saws, this weight range was really nice for the type of work we were doing.  While a larger saw with a bigger bar and more cc’s has it’s place, this new CS-490 is absolutely perfect for the many of the types of cutting the majority of our customers will encounter.  With a price point of $349.99, this saw has many features you would only find in much higher priced saws in the past.  Click here to see the CS-490 pricing and details on our website.


Fuel efficiency was another area we were impressed.  The fuel tank is rated at 16.9 ounces.  I cut up 3 very large pines into 20″ logs and removed all the branches on a single tank of VP Small Engine 50:1 fuel.  We use this fuel exclusively when setting up 2-cycle equipment and for our personal use because of its performance benefits, pre-mixed convenience and 2 year shelf life.  This fuel has eliminated the damaging issues so many of our customers are experiencing when they use pump fuel which has been designed for automobiles.

VP Fuel Cans.png

IMG_20160101_121643.jpgAny time your are going to use a chainsaw or other outdoor power equipment, make sure and wear proper protective equipment.  I used wore chaps and a safety helmet system with integrated face shield and hearing protection.  I also tested Echo’s new combination bar scabbard and tool carrier.  This is a great addition to easily carry an extra chain, bar wrench, spark plug and more while protecting your self and the bar and chain on your saw.

Thank you for taking time to check out our overview of the CS-490 from Echo.  We look forward to having you stop by our store and see this saw along with our huge selection of other Echo and Stihl saws.  With saws starting at under $200 from both Stihl & Echo, we can help you select a saw that best fits your budget and type of cutting you will be doing.  When combined with parts, service and many other products to help you maintain your outdoor world, we believe we have what no other store in the area has to offer.






img_1Stihl has issued an important Safety Recall Notice related to a possible leaking fuel tank vent.  We encourage you to check to see if you have a unit covered by this recall.  Please take a time to review the full details at:

Here are the units covered:

This recall involves STIHL edgers with model number FC 56 C, trimmer/brushcutters with model numbers FS 40 C, FS 50 C, FS 56 C and FS 56 RC, pole pruners with model number HT 56 C and KombiMotors with model number KM 56 RC. The model number is located on the starter cover at the rear of the engine. The engine size is about 28 cc. The products are gray and orange with “STIHL” on the engine cover.

The serial number range for all of the recalled units is 501830112 through 504083576. The serial number is located on the label on the bottom of the engine.

Gasoline Tank Vent Recall  Serial Number Location

If you have a covered unit:
Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled products and return them to an authorized STIHL dealer for a free inspection and repair.

Made in the USA ORCA Coolers now at Nord Outdoor Power

ORCA Cooler with LogoAre you looking for a new high performance cooler like the ones people are talking about from Yeti®?  Maybe you’re starting to think about a great gift for your loved one.  Whatever the case, before you buy,  you really need come in and check out the great coolers from ORCA® that are now available at Nord Outdoor Power in Bloomington.  These coolers come in various sizes and color combinations to really show your spirit or add to the functionality of your new cooler while in use.


Here we have Henry showing off in front of a few of the units on our showroom floor.  Based in Nashville, TN, ORCA® is proud to make their coolers right here in the USA.  They are putting your fellow Americans to work making what we and many others believe are the best coolers on the market. If you do your research where some of the other “Premium” coolers are made – we think you are going to be surprised!

These coolers are also “true to size” as compared with some of their competitors that just don’t hold nearly as much as you would think based on their model number.  When you add a “Lifetime Warranty” (Yeti® is only 5 years as of this post) and “Bear Proof Certification” to the features of a ORCA® Cooler, you really know you getting something special that will perform for years to come.

ORCA Advantages

ORCA Cooler Sizes

Feel free to give us a call to order your new ORCA cooler or if you have any questions.  You can also checkout the bear trying to get in a ORCA® at