All New Toro Timecutter “SW” Models with Steering Wheel are Arriving!

Did you know that Toro has taken the extremely popular Timecutter Zero Turn Mower and designed the unit with a STEERING WHEEL?  Many of our customers love the idea of a zero turn, but are concerned with how it will operate.  They like having the steering wheel and continue to buy small tractor style mowers because they don’t want the stick style controls.

We will be providing more feedback on these new units as we get into the season.  Having tested it though at our industry show this past fall, we were very impressed.  Deb really enjoyed the tilt wheel and how easy you can get on and off the machine.  In fact, the steering wheel and column provide the operator with another point to hold onto for stability when getting on and off the machine.

Stop out and take a look at the new SW Timecutter from Toro on our showroom floor and let us know what you think.  With Toro, you are getting over 100 years of technology and innovation in turf care.  Toro has maintained the majority of the professional sports fields, golf courses and other grounds that require the best equipment possible.

Want to find out more information?  Click here to explore these units on our website.

20141023_192457123_iOS (1)

20141022_193731328_iOS (1)

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