Kubota Brawler® Solidflex Skid Steer Tires – Now at Nord Outdoor Power


We are proud to introduce Brawler® Solidflex tires from Kubota at Nord Outdoor Power.  With the introduction of the new line of SSV skid steer loaders from Kubota, offering these incredible solid tires as an option really makes sense for many applications.  The Brawler is a solid rubber tire, bonded to a steel wheel and not a pneumatic tire.  Some of the benefits include:

  • With a solid tire, there are no flats; therefore no flat repair costs and the associated downtime.
  • Reduced downtime results in increased productivity
  • Lower cost per hour – Customers report they are getting a minimum of 3 times longer wear than bias ply pneumatic or foam filled tires; while some users have indicated they are getting up to 5 times additional life.
  • Bent wheels are no longer an issue – Damaged wheel rims can become a frequent and costly problem when using regular pneumatic skid steer tires in heavy-duty service operations.  A bent wheel can cause the pneumatic tire to go flat.  When this happens you have to replace the wheel.  Bent wheels with Brawler Solidflex tires are unlikely to occur.

20161129_142105Because most skid steer loaders use an 8 bolt pattern in 1 of 2 different sizes, you will find we can put these tires on most machines from manufacturers like Kubota, Bobcat, Cat, Case, New Holland, John Deere, Mustang, Gehl, JCB, Volvo and more.  Some of the top applications include construction, agriculture and rental.

Livestock operations – especially dairy farms where a customer is working in free stall barns on concrete – are experiencing accelerated tread wear with pneumatic tires.  In addition, they may be hitting the curbs which is breaking beads from the rims resulting in flat tires and therefore downtime.

Recycling, demolition, steel and glass manufacturing along with waste management environments can cause severe cuts and abrasion to pneumatic tires while the Brawler Solidflex tires will reduce downtime.


Another area where these tires outperform the competition is ride quality.  Brawlers have elliptical apertures or openings which provide 37% more deflection compared to other solid rubber tires.  It actually rides equivalent to a foam filled pneumatic tire.

You can checkout more about the Brawler tires in the following document:  Kubota Brawler® Tire Flyer. Regardless if you are looking for a new Kubota skid steer loader or a set of Brawler® tires, give us a call at 309-663-5151  complete the form below.  We look forward to serving you.


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