Reduce Mowing Time up to 40% with the Toro­® Timemaster™



Ask most people and they will tell you they would prefer to spend less time mowing and more time doing the things they love or just avoiding the summer heat.  Most walk behind mowers used on residential lawns today will be in the 21-22” cutting width range.  Based on discussions with homeowners, most are spending 45 minutes to 1.5 hours mowing
their lawn, 1 to 2 times per week, depending on the time of year.  In the past, reducing the time spent mowing meant purchasing a rider or an expensive commercial mower in order to increase the width of the deck.

int1671_wpm_20975_storage_1Many homeowners don’t want to make the move to a rider because of the increased storage space, higher cost of purchase and/or the loss of exercise they enjoy while mowing the lawn.  Bloomington, MN based Toro®, the leading provider of mowing equipment for Professional Sports Fields, Commercial Mowing applications along with Residential mowing equipment utilized their 100+ years of production experience to develop a solution.

co16_3532s_wpm_21200_34l_2kIn 2012, Toro® introduced the 30” Timemaster™ to help reduce mowing time by up to 40% over 21-22” models.  They did this while maintaining a fantastic cut quality and preserving features like the Personal Pace™ drive system that varies its speed to the pace the operator chooses to walk automatically.  This twin blade mower includes a bag with a folding handle system to reduce storage space.  Knowing that many homeowners don’t want to pull start their mower, Toro® also offers an electric start model to make things really easy.

co16_3551s_wpm_timemaster_day2-9622We have had outstanding feedback from our customers on the Timemaster™ since it’s introduction.  However, one area that some customers requested improvement was more power.  Well, for 2017, Toro has enhanced the Timemaster with a larger Briggs & Stratton engine to help power through those tougher mowing conditions.  With this change, Toro­® has a great promotion going on prior units with model numbers 20199 and 20200 while they last or through April 30th, 2017.  Don’t forget to ask about the optional striping kit that can really enhance the look of your lawn.

Toro Timemaster Promotion.jpeg

The popularity of this mower with both our residential and light commercial mowing customers has been incredible.  If you are looking to upgrade your walk behind mower this year or would like to reduce your mowing time, you owe it to yourself to stop in and evaluate the Timemaster™ from Toro® at Nord Outdoor Power.  Just to recap a few of the great features to look for:

  • 30″ cutting width helps you get done up to 40% faster as compared with standard walk behind mower sizes.
  • 2 blade design to enhance mulching and cut quality
  • Blade-brake allows engine to continue running when the safety bail is released.  This really makes it nice if you stop to pick something up so you don’t have to restart the mower.
  • Standard recoil start or an option electric start
  • Striping kit available to help you take your lawn the the next level in visual aesthetics.
  • Handle bar has quick adjustment to allow for different operator preference or to stand upright and reduce space required for storage between uses.
  • Personal Pace­™ – the incredible drive system from Toro® that adjusts to your speed automatically.  No more dealing with gears that never seem to offer the right speed.

co16_3532s_wpm_21200_engine_2kWant to try out a Timeaster?  Stop by during our Open House coming up on Friday, March 31st through Sunday, April 2nd at 1716 E Hamilton Rd in Bloomington and take one for a spin.  Our store is just West of State Farm Corporate South near Alexander Lumber.  You can also find out more about us and the products we carry at  We look forward serving you.

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