Made in the USA ORCA Coolers now at Nord Outdoor Power

ORCA Cooler with LogoAre you looking for a new high performance cooler like the ones people are talking about from Yeti®?  Maybe you’re starting to think about a great gift for your loved one.  Whatever the case, before you buy,  you really need come in and check out the great coolers from ORCA® that are now available at Nord Outdoor Power in Bloomington.  These coolers come in various sizes and color combinations to really show your spirit or add to the functionality of your new cooler while in use.


Here we have Henry showing off in front of a few of the units on our showroom floor.  Based in Nashville, TN, ORCA® is proud to make their coolers right here in the USA.  They are putting your fellow Americans to work making what we and many others believe are the best coolers on the market. If you do your research where some of the other “Premium” coolers are made – we think you are going to be surprised!

These coolers are also “true to size” as compared with some of their competitors that just don’t hold nearly as much as you would think based on their model number.  When you add a “Lifetime Warranty” (Yeti® is only 5 years as of this post) and “Bear Proof Certification” to the features of a ORCA® Cooler, you really know you getting something special that will perform for years to come.

ORCA Advantages

ORCA Cooler Sizes

Feel free to give us a call to order your new ORCA cooler or if you have any questions.  You can also checkout the bear trying to get in a ORCA® at